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Colonia (NJ) Senior High School Class of 1971
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We're having a party! Click on the navigation bar to the left to turn the pages of this web page. Or, click on the links below to get to some hot spots. If you have any suggestions for the reunion or for the web page, please click on Contact the Reunion Committee and send us a message. We have contact information for 444 of the 511 members of our class. Help us find all 511 classmates by forwarding this page to the classmates you know. Thanks, and talk to you soon!

Yes, the reunion is on! If there ever was a time to reconnect, now is it. Don't worry if you haven't mailed your RSVP yet. It's not too late. Mail it today. Even if you decide to come at the last minute, you can bring cash and pay at the door. Please come if you can!

Welcome to the official website for our THIRTIETH Reunion!


Remember the sweet shop where we used to hang out? Well, it's gone virtual. Click on the Classmates.Com logo to see who's hanging there now. So far, 167 of our classmates have signed on! It's free! There are message boards for our class and for all classes from Colonia High School. You can also see some photo albums with some neat photos from grade school and the 20th reunion. When you're done looking around, close the Classmates.Com window to return to this web page.

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The Invitation

Haven't received your invitation yet? Misplaced it? Tore it up and now you've decided you want to come to the reunion? Click on the link above to print your own copy right from this web page!

Have your own web page? Link it here!

Hotel Reservations

Scheduled every Sunday, 8 pm NJ time
and every Wednesday, 9 pm NJ time.

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Check out NJ newspapers and places.

Reunion News

Get the latest info.

Request music that you want to hear at the reunion.

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