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Colonia (NJ) Senior High School Class of 1971
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Air Travel News

This site comes from the New Jersey page that we added to the Local Links page. I found airfares as low as $209 from Phoenix to Newark! That's an incredible find, so Check It Out!

ORBITZ.COM shows some very inexpensive airfares. Check it out.

I've found that air fare into the Philly airport is quite a bit less expensive than flying into Newark or either of the NYC airports. The ride from Philly to the Sheraton Raritan Center is about an hour longer than the ride from Newark. It's an alternative worth considering.

Click on the links below to search for air fares and make reservations that will get you to the reunion!

If you know of any sales or airlines that need to be posted here, please send an email to The 30th Reunion Committee!



American Airlines

Updated August 8, 2001

Need directions? To map driving directions from the airport to the Sheraton Raritan Center, click on the button below.

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