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Colonia (NJ) Senior High School Class of 1971

Missing Classmates

Please help us locate classmates with whom we've lost contact.  

If you haven't received an email or US Mail from me by August 26, 2016, then YOU are missing!  Please update your contact information!

The Post Office returned a new batch of invitations to me today. Please check this list. Thanks.

Alan Craig 
Albert Brozanski
Ansley Long FOUND
Anthony Spadora
Barbara Ann Higgins Carson FOUND
Brian Buzzi
Bruce Corey 
Catherine Keegan Bressan FOUND
Christopher Geib FOUND 
Clif Johnson
Daniel Wolf
David Chudoba
Debbie Cockerline Kvarta FOUND
Debbie Hoffman Mayo 
Denise White Myers
Douglas Paul
Ellen Cohen
Eugene Ribas FOUND
Frank Donahue FOUND
Gail Covington
Gail Joyce Kahn
Gary Kost FOUND 
Gary Yarusi FOUND
Ginny Castles Mingolla FOUND
Harriet Nardi Arce
Homer Langrill
James Benz
James Crilly 
Joe Pacillo FOUND
Johanna Naujelis 
John Slanovec FOUND
Judith Pecylak
Judy Lyness FOUND
Kathleen Axt 
Laura Gomolka Zollo  FOUND
Lauren Zabel
Linda Cyr Payne
Maria Fernandes 
Mary Turk FOUND
Michael Gillette FOUND
Nancy Klimik Meyers
Nancy Messinger Ferioli FOUND
Patricia Leahy
Paul Mazoki
Richard Jenkins FOUND
Richard Lordi
Robert Fabrio
Robert Goldman
Robert Imbriaco
Robert Lueddeke
Russell Henry
Scott Sossner FOUND
Sue Chernow 
Thomas Fialk
Thomas Mingolla FOUND
Thomas O'Rorke FOUND
Tom Kloos
Tom Savickas
William Heruska FOUND

Updated October 6, 2016.